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Volunteer your time


We encourage every citizen to make a conscious and significant dedication of purpose to collect 100 signatures beginning March 2015 through the end of June 2015. Without large amount of dollars to pay signature gatherers, there is no doubt that if citizens truly desire a restoration of law and order then they must realize this will take more than a casual sacrifice.

Once the petition is printed in March 2015 it will be supplied to district leaders as well as made available to you for download from this website.  While minors and legal non–citizens may not sign our petition, they are encouraged to collect signatures to help preserve the country they love.  Respect Washington supporters and volunteers come from many different political, social, religious, and racial backgrounds; participation by citizens and all legal residents is welcomed.  Please send a note to info@respectwashington.us, and let us know of your availability. 


Tools for volunteers

  •   "Respect for Law" petition (pdf) [Please return in March to click for Download.]
     Must be printed on 11" × 17" paper; may be printed in black & white; must be printed 2–sided (with full text of petition on back).
   •  Slide show for activists
     This PowerPoint slide show was donated by a volunteer, and takes only 4 minutes to view.  We hope it will inspire activists to participate in this grassroots effort to advance "Respect for Law" to the November 2015 ballot. 
   •  How to gather signatures
     Grab a clipboard or cutout cardboard as a writing platform, and begin collecting signatures!  Start with friends and family, neighbors, or co–workers.  You may also collect signatures outside post offices, stores, farmers markets, ferry terminals, and transit centers.  It is your First Amendment right to "...petition the government for a redress of grievances." Please contact us immediately if you feel harassed by law enforcement or property managers. There is a chance that some do not fully appreciate the law or legal precedent that protects your right to exercise U.S. First Amendment [non-commercial] speech in a "public forum." Remember, law enforcement exists to protect your Constitutional rights which are superior to the desires of those with supervisory responsibilities over "public forums" [often private property upon which the public is invited and public uses commingle with private uses].
Keep It Legal!