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The "Respect for Law" Citizens Initiative Petition


Because Terrorist Shooter Arcan Cetin would have been halted from registering to vote

and voting AGAINST YOU in 2014, 2015 and 2016 if "Respect for Law" had been law back in 2014 when

this sicko registered to vote without showing proof of U.S. citizenship


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  • Welcome to Respect Washington's website for research and action.
  • Please contact us to volunteer for our statewide February-July 4th 2017 signature drive.
  • In Spokane voters can get involved locally to reverse their "Sanctuary" for illegals ordinance by contacting RW to prepare to win the City of Spokane ballot vote come November 2017. We will Make Spokane Great Again by reversing the illegal alien sanctuary law enacted in 2014 by five Council leftists.
  • Volunteer now by emailing your contact information through this website
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Why did you visit our website today?


Why?•   Because, as a worker, you want your job back and wages restored!
        •   Because, as an employer, you are "done" with underbids by your dirty competitors who knowingly hire illegal aliens (whom E-verify will expose).
 •   Because you want your tax dollars back! Or at least an itemized receipt from your legislators who have lavished $2.7 Billion annually upon illegal aliens and their profiteer employers and politician patrons. Subsidies now go to that class of political patrons and public sector takers who justify their employments by craming the maximum number of illegal aliens into schools at "free and reduced" lunch status to trigger federal grant dollars. Likewise, DES Worksource provides job placement of illegals on the taxpayer's dime. And hundreds of taxpayer-funded attorneys defend and translate for illegal alien criminals crowding our courts and jails. Of course, the dollar cost of crime committed by illegals is nothing compared to lives lost and families devastated.
       •   Because you want your Social Security Number defended against human traffickers who sell your SSN and other fraudulent ID to illegal aliens.

Because you know it a crime for illegal aliens and non-citizens to registered to vote and to vote. And because you believe it dishonest for illegal aliens to be counted in the U.S. Census, as they now are. Which diverts federal dollars away from Americans and distorts election district boundaries in favor of illegals and corrupt politicians who help plant them in their "plantations" with sanctuary laws and who look out for their own business interests... including those of their donors.

        •   Because you believe it a crime for illegal aliens to misrepresent that they legally abide in Washington State when they apply for a driver license! Because corrupt legislators and Governor Gregoire-Inslee refused to correct this travesty.
     •   Because you believe that every voter should show proof of U.S. citizenship upon voter registration in a state where all-mail elections cannot control non-citizens voting once they have established a registration. And because and every candidate - including those for U.S. president - must humble themselves to prove the same when filing for the ballot. What kind of American is ashamed to prove his citizenship?
       •   Because you want your COUNTRY back!

This cause is in need of your donation today!  Please visit our donation page to contribute by personal check or credit card.  Contributions in any amount are appreciated and will help cover our future costs of printing, mailing, and perhaps signature gathering.

About "Respect for Law" legislation

If passed in November to be enacted into law, "Respect for Law" will provide the following protections to minimize both deliberate and unwitting employment of illegal aliens, minimize taxpayer-funded services never intended for illegal aliens, and minimize the political exploitation of human trafficking victims.  This legislation will help defend our communities from criminals unlawfully inside the U.S.  Five major provisions of "Respect for Law" will:  
1.  Restore the right of police and other public employees to communicate with Federal immigration authorities, despite "sanctuary" policies.  Sanctuary policies prohibit law enforcement officers and other public servants from reporting lawlessness and fraud committed by illegal aliens daily.  "Respect for Law" will restore the ability of law enforcement officers to fight the gangs, drug running, and human trafficking that are now destroying once–peaceful communities throughout our state. 
2.  Require employers (both public and private) to hire only legal residents of the U.S. and to ensure legal residency by using E–Verify.  Over 404,000 U.S. employers—like Boeing and Costco—have enrolled in E-verify.  to protect themselves from fraudulent identification documents.  E–verify is not an added burden to employers:  since the "Simpson-Mazzoli" amnesty act of 1986 (granted amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens) employers have been required to collect this same information on U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Form I-9.  Every illegal alien on a payroll today has stolen a Social Security number!  This must be stopped! 
3.  Requires governments to verify lawful presence through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program (similar to E-verify) prior to administering taxpayer–funded benefits.
4.  Requires the Washington State Department of Licensing to verify lawful presence through SAVE prior to licensing drivers.  Oregon's governor issued an executive order in 2007, requiring license applicants to prove they are here legally, but Washington continues to abet lawlessness by issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens.  This creates the potential for massive election fraud, since only a driver's license number is needed for online voter registration in Washington State.  Governor Inslee could halt this practice today by executive order, but he refuses.  So it is up to us!
5.  Mandate courts to inform the Washington Secretary of State of potential jurors summoned who swore ineligibility due to non–U.S. citizenship.  The Secretary of State will then verify that these individuals are not registered to vote.  For example, between 2008 and 2010, 238 people summoned for jury duty in Douglas County were excused due to claims of non–U.S. Citizenship.  Of these 238 non–citizens, 7 were registered to vote! 
6.  Requires proof of U.S. citizenship for voter registration and candidate filings, including proof of "natural born" citizenship for ballot listing of presidential candidates.

"Respect for Law" legislation costs little or nothing and will save tax dollars

Implementation of "Respect for Law" will reduce the estimated $2.7 Billion tax burden that subsidizes an underground economy and supports some 400,000 illegal aliens and family now residing in Washington State.  
 •   Respect Washington legislation will require no tax increases levied on Washington citizens:  no new income tax and no increase to business and occupation tax, sales tax, or property tax.
 •   Evasion of Federal income tax will be prevented; jobs now taken by illegal aliens using stolen or falsified Social Security numbers (i.e. every illegal alien on payroll!) will be returned to citizens who actually pay taxes, returning lost revenue to the Federal government. Earned Income Tax Credit fraud by illegals will be reduced.

A "Must Read": The Social Contract's EITC Fraud Report 

 •   State and local governments will be required to verify eligibility for public benefits using the SAVE program.  This program is used by 42 other states to combat fraudulent application for driver licenses.
 •   Verification systems to help enforce this legislation are already in place. E-verify is now funded by all U.S. taxpayers. SAVE is now funded by U.S. taxpayers and user fees - which will be negligible to state agencies compared to the millions of dollars they will save from fraud.

 •   "Respect for Law" legislation will protect legal immigrants.  Illegal aliens exploit legal residents of their same ethnic group with demands for harboring.  There are many cases of illegal aliens killing and child raping legal immigrants of their own ethnic group. Illegal aliens also often steal the identities of legal residents of their same ethnic group. The crush of illegal aliens prevents any productive discussion of immigration policy change. 
 •   "Respect for Law" legislation will NOT restrict access to emergency medical, food, or shelter assistance, regardless of citizenship or immigration status.  Emergency medical assistance—including maternal and neonatal care—are mandated by federal law. Until justice is visited upon the U.S. 14th Amendment to prevent "anchor baby" scamming, exploitation of the taxpayer can only be reduced via reduction in the overall number of illegal aliens residing in Washington State. "Respect for Law" will eliminate what lures illegal aliens to Washington State. 
All political power is inherent in the people...
The first power reserved by the people is the initiative.
—Washington State Constitution 
Keep It Legal!